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Custom Designing Innovative Office Furniture

The furniture you are about to read about is not furniture in the conventional sense. It is not chairs on which you would sit for dinner, for work, nor are these chairs with plush cushions on which you would sink into at night to rest. Nor are these tables or desks at which you would normally eat or work or study. Closer to home, the custom designed furniture along with its innovative office products become your work desks, your work benches, your workstations, call it what you will. The following is a brief sketch of how today’s innovative office furniture is being prepared for you by, let’s just say, innovative thinking designers.

You could just say that these men and women were thinking on their feet when they utilized their math and engineering training to best effect. And when you touch and feel their creations, in work or in play, you might also get a sense of their artistic inspiration as well. Control room consoles are created to allow you to carry out all processing work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Typical models are usually found in utility rooms. In these rooms, rack-mounted electronics panels and the familiar monitor bays are found.

innovative office products

Such rack bays are built to be stationed both above decks and below decks if you will. Standard to low profile heights are created to accommodate or counter ceiling constraints.

Pre-prepared models come in three different versions or sizes, namely single-tiered, double-tiered and triple-tiered. Options to choose from include optically coated glass faceplates, EIA racks, articulating keyboards, and task lighting fixtures that dim. As always, provision is made for good cable management as well as the installation of integrated power strips.

All consoles built will include front and rear access as well as providing bulk computer storage space.